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When checking the log files, one entry that sometimes gets recorded is what people had been searching on if they came to the site by way of a search engine like Yahoo, Infoseek, Excite, etc.

In case you were worried, the logfiles don't record your identity, nor do I use any embedded "identity snooping" code to try to do so--but I do check what visitors to Trygve.Com are looking for, and sometimes that gives me ideas of what to work on, or at least an inkling where I need to slip in a pointer to where visitors might find what they're really looking for.

The following are a few examples of actual searches that I will probably not be adding any time soon:

(Oh, I've just started adding which page those searches went to; doh!)

From 2005:
From 2005:
From April, 2004:
From September, 2003:
From August, 2003:
From March, 2003:
From November, 2002:
From May, 2002:
From February, 2002:
From December, 2001:
From November, 2001:
From October, 2001:
From September, 2001:
From May, 2001:
From September, 2000:
  • "home lobotomy kit"
  • "people of color have an extra muscle in their legs"
From August, 2000:
From July, 2000:
  • "long toenails"
  • "sex cream pies"
  • "woman and there veggies porno"
  • "bondage fishtank"
  • "cocaine paperclip"
From May, 2000:
  • "crushed testicle photos"
  • "Miss muffett explanation"
  • "Used Underwear"
  • "Best way to stop masturbation"
  • "Grunt"
From April, 2000:
  • "chainmail fetish"
  • "high performance floppy drives"
  • "things that are heavy"
  • "brain clouds theory"
  • "rude vegtables"
  • "pulsejet engine"
  • "bullfighter painting"
  • "proper way to eat finger foods"
From March, 2000:
  • "woman sits astride man"
  • "hecking icq password"
  • "garrotting"
  • "different sex positions picture"
  • "abortion by religion"
  • "picture of me with glasses"
From February, 2000:
  • "vegetarian haggis recipes"
  • "Duct Tape Bondage"
  • "Ninja Cheerleaders"
  • "fishtank stains"
  • "models with towels"
  • "unnatural weird things"
  • "velvet painting"
  • "throat warbler mangrove"
  • "pink bits"
  • "show different sex positions"
  • "plibco"
  • "slipple"
  • "plastic sex raincoat"
  • "dungeon devices"
  • "losing fat instantly"
  • "dragonsmilk"
  • "creatine serum truth"
  • "Arms and Armor"
  • "protein muffins"
  • "flavored body paint"
  • "paper towel absorbtion"
  • "vampire sex pictures"
  • "how to get big neck muscles"
  • "woodchuck den"
  • "get laid sensitive new age guys"
  • "hamstercard"
  • "frankenbike"
  • "dangermouse in chains"
  • "dead pets"
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