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Setting up the evil domain
  • Visit Trygve's house, aka "the treehouse"
  • Take a quick trip into the Colorado Rockies for Wideawake in Treeland
  • Check out a few of the rocks and fossils collected in the treehouse Stone Menagerie
  • Learn about the Birds and the Bees (except for the "bees" part, which hasn't been written yet) in the tales from the 100th Acre Wood
  • Read the True Confessions of an unrepentant Garage Sale Addict in The Fivedollar Opera
  • Build and maintain a home ISP with yogurt, galvanized steel tape, and your old bicycle innertubes in "No Duct Tape"
  • Yes, there are even more pictures of the computer hardware in the basement in "the Servers' Quarters"
  • ... and if that wasn't enough, you can get some tips on how to augment your home decor and wardrobe with ever-stylish and attractive obsolete computer hardware in Trygve's "Weird World of Hardware"
  • What else can a guy do with a bit of wire and a soldering iron? Find out in Trygve's Little Craft Corner
  • How many stereo systems do you really need? This question and many others will not be answered in the Page of Stereo Stuff
  • See new and peculiar wardrobe accessories in Trygve's collection of Arms, Armor, and Costumes
  • Ever wonder what can happen if you leave me in a dark room with only a camera and a single lightbulb? No? Well, you're still welcome to take a look at the "sweat and shadow" pictures anyway.
  • Watch me risk embarrassment by putting up a page of Trygve's baby pictures
  • Survived the "baby pictures"? But are you brave enough to make it through Trygve, "the teen years"?
  • Check out my obligatory vacation photos in Trygve goes to Hawaii
  • Can you have fun with a digital camera and a lunar eclipse? Well, I don't know about you, but I did in capturing the moon
  • And, finally, here are some random pics, "just because"

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Haven't run away yet? Lots more pictures in Trygve's Digital Diary, including

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