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gargoyle through the tulips

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Be warned, there's no story behind the pictures on this page, they're just random visual slices of life here at the treehouse, images I'm putting together "just because" on a rainy night.

The one above was taken earlier in the day, before the clouds rolled in and the rain began.

the sun breaks through the clouds
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green man in the leafy snow

I thought this image was interesting: out past the garage doors, among the faces that adorn the retaining walls, this frond-like formation of ice and snow had grown up and onto the Green Man. It loses something when you see it through the camera's eye because you can't see the three-dimensional relief of the "fronds" reaching upwards and outwards from the wall, but perhaps you can imagine it.

snowfall in the courtyard

Whereas this was a clear and cold night the winter before, when the courtyard was lit by this string of white Christmas lights

I like the look of this shot in black-and-white

black and white old-style muscle pic

It just reminded me of pictures of strongmen from the 50's...except, of course, I still have no abs to speak of, even in black-and-white

This one's also available in landscape format in the Trygve desktop wallpaper collection ]

nitric rose
what else can you do with your extra power cage?

This picture here should help resolve one of those famous philosophical problems that has stymied some of the world's most famous philosophers, theorists, and scientists for the better part of an afternoon: "What do you do with your old power cage when you get a new one?"

In this case you can see that my old cage (made by Buckeye Barbell before they changed their name and started making chrome-plated stuff) is just the right size to use as a rack in edit room A; the monitor is the Sony WEGA 36" direct-view display which, as you can see, just happens to fit nicely in the power cage and the cage is wide enough for two standard 19" rack-width pieces of equipment to fit side-by side.

(In case you were wondering about these things, the speakers on the sides are a pair of Infinity IRS betas driven by a couple of Muse model 150 amplifiers; the keyboard is a Korg 01/WproX which has the advantages of having a decent feel and a full 88 keys.)

Hanging around the treehouse can be dangerous--this snake, for example, was minding her own business in the south gardens, little suspecting that she was in danger of getting her picture taken.

snake in the south gardens
listening room stereo

Did a little bit of shuffling around of stereo equipment in the listening room this past week. It all started because I wanted to see how the Rowland Model 2 would fare driving the Apogee Divas--as good an amp as the Model 2 is, the Divas are pretty demanding (as befits their name, natch) and that Rowland amplifier is a lot smaller and lighter than the White Audio Labs A250 (which I moved to the conference room, bumping the still smaller Simaudio Celeste integrated amp that had been driving the Apogee Duettas in there).

I wanted to give the Rowland a try, both because of the reviews and because the preamplifier I'm using is the Rowland Consummate ("one preamp, three separate boxes") and Jeff Rowland certainly seems to think that Rowland amps and preamps should live together in harmony. But, then, he would, since they're both products of his.

Other than moving transports around a little (mostly because the laserdisk-based transport I'd been using was slow as anything and a pain to use) the rest of the signal chain is pretty much the same. Think I'll switch out the tuner as soon as I get done repairing its replacement, but the Theta GenIII DAC and Nakamichi Dragon tape deck are likely to stay put.

...which is always a dangerous assumption to make, because once I say that, it probably means that I'll be tempted by something new by this afternoon.

here's looking at you

This one's another shot that Sean Hartgrove took of me with the old 16mm Arriflex movie camera (it still works, but it's got a lot of miles on it); this time he was using an extra-short focal length lens, as if you couldn't tell....

I wish more pictures had turned out well from this shoot, because the idea was a really cool one--the stunt choreographer had cooked up the idea of pitting one "honking huge sword" against a pair of katanas for a very different kind of swordfight. Moreover, the challenge was to block out a swordfight in which the combatants were using very different styles and techniques--Japanese style with the katana, which is done much closer to the body, versus European longsword techniques that emphasize lunging and thrusting moves.

swords in the alleyway

Since I already had a far longer reach, the stylistic difference further emphasized the imbalance in our respective sizes; personally, I'd like to redo that style of combat in a different location (a set with furnishings suitable for jumping onto, over, or for getting in the paths of the blades) with a sword that wasn't quite so honking huge. Maybe next time I'll suggest going for "semi-honking huge."

on a clear disk you can seek forever

Here's an explicit picture of a naked Seagate ST-4096 hard drive that I shamelessly took advantage of in trying to capture something a little like one of M.C. Escher's famous self-portraits of himself looking into a reflecting sphere.

(Yep, this page is still under construction; you never know what'll show up here next.)

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