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Sunday, August 25th



Fark [ ], the popular news-of-the-weird site, runs frequent contests for readers to "photoshop" various pictures picked up from around the web. Today, they happened to be running just such a contest under the heading "Photoshop this viking god weilding a giant wrench" [ ]

Cletus, the handyman, by Rik_D

Now, take a look at one of the entries, by Fark member Rik_D. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that there's something vaguely familiar about it.

Personally, I didn't have a lot of great ideas for what to do with Photoshop and that shot of me as "Ted, the Norse God of Bicycle Repair and Maintenance" (as seen in the award-winning play, "Spam and the Spanner"); it was another of Fark's Photoshop contests that got me bubbling with ideas: "Photoshop Theme: Failed Kids' Breakfast Cereal" [ ]

...but I was a little late to get in on that contest. On the plus side, several good ideas came to mind. On the minus side, the last time I'd participated in a "bad products for kids" design-fest, most of them actually appeared on the market (however briefly) within the year.

On the other hand, I should have the video sleeve designs for Mark's new training video ready for the printer tommorrow. There's still time to sneak in something about "Crunchy Ninja Goodness" on there somewhere. I'm sure nobody will notice, at least not until the first run of tapes are back from the replicator.

Saturday, August 24th


Unloading the tapes:

reading from the Book of Python, Volume 43:

Mrs Non-Smoker: Oohh hello, Mrs Smoker.
Mrs Smoker: Hello Mrs Non-Smoker.
Mrs Non-Smoker: What, you been shopping then?
Mrs Smoker: Nope ... I've been shopping!
Mrs Non-Smoker: What'd you buy?
Mrs Smoker: A piston engine!
Mrs Non-Smoker: What'd you buy that for?
Mrs Smoker: It was a bargain!
Mrs Non-Smoker: How much do you want for it?
Mrs Smoker: Three quid!
Mrs Non-Smoker: Done. (hands over the money)
Mrs Smoker: Right. Thank you.
Mrs Non-Smoker: How do you cook it?
Mrs Smoker: You don't cook it.
Mrs Non-Smoker: You can't eat that raw!
Mrs Smoker: Ooooh ... never thought of that. Oh, day and night, but this is wondrous strange ...
Mrs Non-Smoker: ... and therefore is a stranger welcome it. There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. But come, the time is out of joint. Oh cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right. Let's go together.

Sometimes it's best for one's peace of mind not to take the "which Monty Python Character are you?" quiz (assuming that there is such a quiz, but that's a pretty safe assumption. Typing the above phrase into Google suggests that there may be a dozen or more of the things lurking testily out there on the web)

But at least I'm now down a few troublesome bargains that I'd been having trouble locating the recipe for. Namely, the collection of Quantum/ATL 2640-series DLT autoloader libraries, suitable for backing up all your personal data, including that family recipie for "Piston Engine Au Gratin." They'd been living in my garage ever since I'd had that moment of weakness and agreed to buy them, since they were ... um ... "a bargain."

They were also the largest and the second-heaviest individual pieces of computing equipment I had cluttering up the place. From now on, I think I'll stick to the philosophy of never buying a backup tape drive that I can't realistically get back up the stairs.

Quantum/ATL 2460 series model 9/88

Oh, well. Ebay come, ebay go, Now someone else can enjoy these particular bargains.

Saturday, August 10th


and now a word from our sponsor:, your best online source for everything EVIL. If you are a supervillain, mad scientist, warlord, dictator, or despot, then this is the place for you: ]

Friday, August 9th


Plane and Peanut:

I've been doing a little more travelling lately than I'd done for a while. Nothing like my "travelling salesman period" of some years back, but an upswing nonetheless.

And, of course, given the tightening of airport security, it's a little more time-consuming than it used to be. On my other trips since September 11th, 2001, I'd passed quietly through all the security checkpoints without getting so much as a second glance, but this time around, airport security wanted to pull me aside and feel me up both coming and going.

What makes it worse is that I'd already eaten several of the sinister snack items before noticing this dire warning.

What was a little odd is that they had to have two security officers to do the job. I'd been pulled aside by a woman who, after checking out my lower body, explained that we'd have to wait for a male security officer to arrive to finish the job. I said that I didn't care, but she explained that it was the rules: above the waist, you could only be touched by an officer of the same sex, but below the waist, anything goes.


The real peril didn't start until after I'd gotten aboard the plane and we'd reached cruising altitude. That's when the flight attendants started passing out packets of peanuts to the passengers. I'm still waiting for the in-flight portions to get down to individually-wrapped portions, but for now there's still several of these crunchy leguminous seeds nestled in every packet.

What was different about these peanut packets was the warning label: "WARNING: the contents of this packet was processed and packed in a facility that handles peanuts and other nuts." Uh-oh; the peanuts I've been eating have been exposed to . . . other peanuts.

What makes it worse is that I'd already eaten several of the sinister snack items before noticing this dire warning.

Fortunately for me, it doesn't make it a lot worse.

Now that I think about it, maybe it doesn't really make it worse at all. Nevermind.

wrestling with hamtaro

At least they didn't give me any sunflower seeds (peanut-exposed or otherwise), because the next stop was the VSDA (Video Software Dealers' Association) 2002 trade show. There were quite a few actors from various video products on hand for the event, including Kevin Sorbo, at least seven or eight bevies of adult video stars, and one large plush hamster. Guess which one I got photographed next to.

(Apparently, I was the only one at the show who had wanted to do an action shot. It was my very first experience with paw-wrestling a hamster.)

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