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Vikings return to the Denver Museum
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Sagas of the (very) late Viking Age
"The Vikings Land in Denver,"
March 3rd, 2001
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Legend tells of a mystical city, built at the base of the Rocky Mountains, a city of such richness that its council of chieftains covered the chambers in which they hold court with a dome of the purest gold.

We sailed in search of this fabled place, and on March 3rd, 2001, we found what we believed to be this city of legend and brought our ship to one of the fortresses where the natives store their treasures of gold, silver, and gems, and where they save the records of their history and learning. The native people call these fortresses, "museums."

The natives of this place were small and lightly built, and they greeted us without apparent fear or suspicion.

meeting the native people
ready for action

They seemed quite interested in our craft, which had endured the long and hard journey to this place. They bore neither weapons nor armor, and were curious to learn about ours.

We gave them a brief display of our skills in combat.

mark and daryl
its just a spear We had come prepared with spear and shield, sword and axe, and so we showed examples of how each could be used singly or in combination for attack and for defense.

But we couldn't help but notice that their "museum" fortress contained much wealth and finery, far more than the natives themselves needed, we were sure.

Daryl Rolando
the vikings begin negotiations

We were willing to help solve this problem, and decided to open negotiations.

But the natives, as small as they were, proved fiercer negotiators than we had anticipated.

the native people resist
that's gotta hurt

Negotiations were more ... difficult ... than we were accustomed to.

We reached a compromise; they would keep their stuff, and we would explore somewhere else.

crossed swords

Fortunately, I just happened to remember that Legend speaks of another city of great wonders and riches, where the rulers have built two great twin towers, known as "dorms" that stand above all else in the city....

For further information, and somewhat more accurate accounts of the Viking exploration of the New World, check the websites of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, [ ] and the Smithsonian's touring exhibit, "Vikings, The North Atlantic Saga" ]
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