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Computer Training

Masaba Project
2418 West Vermijo Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

November 12, 2000


Contact: Greg Aten
Phone: 719-444-0849
Phone: 719-632-7423

Grand Opening
Computer Training Center

The Masaba Project of Colorado Springs will hold the Grand Opening of their new computer training facility at 1016 East Las Animas Street, Colorado Springs on Saturday November 18, 2000 at 2 pm.

The Masaba Project is a non-profit organization run by Native American volunteers which has provided a safe haven for homeless families since 1994. The program offers support for emotional and physical needs as well as life skills education to help families get back on their feet and stay on their feet.

At the computer training facility the Masaba Project will teach the members of these families how to build and repair computers. Those skills will help family members get higher paying jobs and achieve job security. In turn, the facility will distribute the computers to needy families through local agencies.

The Masaba Project will hold a reception afterwards at 3 pm Saturday, November 18, at Moreno Manor, 1025 East Moreno Avenue, Colorado Springs.

The Masaba Project runs several rental homes and apartment complexes, including: Bumble Bee House, Moreno Manor, Abeyta Abode, The Second House, Galvin Garden Apartments, and Conway Coves Apartments. The apartment complexes provide transitional housing. Once a family is established and working, the Masaba Project places them in a rental house, if one is available. The Masaba Project also assists hundreds of outreach families with food, clothing and other necessities.

The computer training facility, like all the charitable work of the Masaba Project, is not supported by government funding, but is the result of the donations and efforts of many private individuals and organizations. Besides the tireless work of the Masaba volunteers, there have been numerous recent substantial donations.

Inferno Film Productions gave a boost to the Masaba Project in March 2000 when they dedicated one night's showing of their feature film, "Dragon and the Hawk" to the Project. Boxes were set up to collect clothing and canned goods, and all proceeds from ticket sales for the night were donated to the Masaba Project. Inferno Film Productions also donated household goods, and sweats and other warm clothing, which had been used as costumes and props in the movie to the Masaba Project.

Nyx Net, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization which runs the world's oldest public access Internet service, donated used computers, monitors, desks, chairs, and shelving materials for the computer training facility.

Trygve Lode, who is the President of Nyx Net, and who played the villain in "Dragon and the Hawk," also personally donated a large quantity of computers, cables, monitors, building materials and funds for the creation of the computer training facility, in addition to donating blankets, clothing, and household goods for the families of The Masaba Project.

Rising Star Communications of Colorado Springs, which develops and markets self-improvement and leadership training seminars, provided tools, materials, and volunteers from their classes to do the finishing work on the interior and painting of the exterior of the building the computer training facility is located in. They also provided and installed an exterior storage shed.

The Friendship Assembly of God Church in Colorado Springs has also provided financial support throughout the project.

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