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For FAQs and other documents, I've attempted to locate the most recent revision and, when available, indicate the author, revision number, and date of the most recent revision.

The Misc.Fitness.Weights (mfw) FAQ
Dictionary of Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and Exercise Terms and Techniques
[Misc.Fitness.Weights] Pointer to FAQs and resources
mfw regulars: stats and contact info
National Library of Medicine's search service to access the 9 million citations in MEDLINE and Pre-MEDLINE (with links to participating on-line journals), and other related databases.
Mistress Krista's Women's Weightlifting Page
The HIT (High Intensity Training) FAQ version 3.0
Hardgainer bodybuilding / weightlifting FAQ by Frank J. Kelly and Craig Sadler (updated 11/29/1999)
Powerlifting Competition FAQ v2.2 by Bill Piche
Bodybuilding Competition FAQ v1.1 by Steve Kidwell (updated 2000.04.21)
Strongman FAQ v1.3 by Tapio Ojanaho (updated 1996.06.20)
Stretching and Flexibility FAQ v1.42 by Brad Appleton (updated 6/10/1998)
Plyometric FAQ by Charlie Bender (updated 6/18/1995)
Anabolic Steroids FAQ version 4.0 by Fred Hosn (updated 6/1/1999)
BodyOpus FAQ by Lyle McDonald (updated 1996)
Strength Online - Strength and Power for the Masses
Fred Hatfield's (Dr. Squat's) Home Page
Bill Pearl Emterprises
Bill Pearl, 5-time Mr. Universe, Mr. America, and author of some of the Best Selling Books written on Physical Fitness, also has an excellent website that features complete training programs with extensive descriptions and illustrations for each exercise.
Muscle Memory
Tim Fogarty's archive of the history of bodybuilding complete with photos, records of contesty results, and more
Freaks O' Nature
online videos of powerlifting exercises, techniques, and competitions
Truly Huge - Bodybuilding, Health, and Fitness
WeightsNet - a resource for people who workout with weights
Weighty Matters
a selective archive of powerlifting and bodybuilding posts from the old and the newer, chat groups, plus bits and pieces from the "weights," "strength" and "weights-plus" listserves. Includes sections on powerlifting, bodybuilding, exercise technique, health and nutrition, "how-to" articles, tips on staying motivated, routines, equipment, and links to other sites and resources.
Powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, strongman competitions; listings of upcoming events and competions, TV coverage, and more
A-to-Z Fitness Links
a directory of nearly a thousand fitness-related sites, all categorized and searchable
Bodybuilding Weightlifting directory
large directory of links to resources, references, and companies which provide weightlifting and bodybuilding products
The GymRat's Premier Bodybuilding Links
specialized engine for searching bodybuilding sites and references (fast, too)
an information Resource Community Center for bodybuilders from beginners to experts on building a better body
URB - the uk.rec.bodybuilding homepage
news, views, and advice on all aspects of bodybuilding and fitness
ASW - the homepage
information on everything that has to do with weightlifting, from nutrition to training routines
Alt.Support.Diet.Low-Carb FAQ
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