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Megosoft girlfriend xp

Isn't it time you upgraded to


  • Enhanced multimedia support
    - immerse yourself in GirlfriendXP's full-motion video and surround-sound features!

  • Highly graphic interface
    - includes more graphic language than you'd thought was possible!

  • Includes a free copy of SolitaireXP
    - for those times when you're waiting for GirlfriendXP to boot up, dress up, or show up.
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The ultimate climax of software engineering and integration!

Based on Megosoft's previous ultimate achievement in software design and development, Girlfriend 2000, Megosoft announces a new, even more ultimate acheivement in software design: new GirlfriendXP!

All the features of Girlfriend 2000, just a little bigger and slower

Combining total multimedia capabilities and performance that goes beyond the state of the art, GirlfriendXP will knock more than just your socks off and leave you gasping for more!

GirlfriendXP may use more resources than previous versions of Girlfriend, but she's worth it! Really!

Integrated media-sharing features!

GirlfriendXP will share your photos, home videos, and personal secrets with friends, co-workers, and more--automatically!

Hardware compatibility guaranteed!

You'll never have to worry that your hardware might not be up to GirlfriendXP's standards or sufficient to fulfill all her needs, because if there's any doubt, she'll simply refuse to run on your hardware! It's that simple!

No matter what your needs or desires may be, there's a GirlfriendXP that's right for you!

  • GirlfriendXP Homemaker Edition
  • GirlfriendXP Professional
  • GirlfriendXP Server

Easily configurable and expandable!

There's no worry that GirlfriendXP will become obsolete when she's always adding more styles and accessories!

Trying out different outfits, accessories, styles, or settings is a snap! After making any clothing changes or adjustments, GirlfriendXP just goes back to bed--and when she wakes up the changes take effect.

If it's a new outfit that she's never tried on before, it may require three or four cycles to complete the change, but as long as nothing clashes or is too badly out of style, GirlfriendXP will probably not lock up.

Continuous updates available through the internet!

GirlfriendXP will even scan the web for fashion and accessory updates, place orders, and charge them to your credit cards--all automatically!

GirlfriendXP enhancements:

integrated A/V editing

GirlfriendXP incorporates the latest advances in "selective memory technology" for automatic and seamless editing of events, experiences, and conversations, saving only the important parts and discarding any unnecessary, uninteresting, or inconvenient details.

girlfriend xp will enhance your life!

complete networking support

GirlfriendXP includes even better high-speed networking support, instantly exchanging gossip, rumors, and juicy details with other GirlfriendXPs worldwide!

plug-and-play configuration

GirlfriendXP's automatic investigation and configuration features allow her to retrieve your user profile, preferences, and any other personal details from any previous Girlfriend installations you may have had!

automatic smart tag recognition

GirlfriendXP can detect and home in on sales, markdowns, and any other items that happen to strike her fancy, whether on the web or in any shopping mall within fifteen miles!

Remember, "XP" doesn't just stand for "eX-Pensive"
--it is expensive!

Unwrapping GirlfriendXP or removing any of her packaging material constitutes acceptance of the GirlfriendXP license agreement, whatever that may be at any given time.

In addition, you also agree:

  • You may have only one (1) GirlfriendXP. You may not keep additional backup copies of GirlfriendXP either in your home or elsewhere.
  • You shall not assign, sublicense, lease, or in any other way transfer GirlfriendXP to any third party without her knowlege and consent.
  • You shall not de-compile, disassemble, or otherwise reverse-engineer GirlfriendXP
  • GirlfriendXP specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with GirlfriendXP, that's your problem.

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