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This Year's Headline Attraction

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running time: 4 hours, 33 minutes
produced by: Max Noir
directed by: Max Noir
screenplay by: Max Noir

In LensCap, writer/producer/director Max Noir drags the audience's eyeballs deep into his own personal vision of cosmic emptiness and the endless darkness of their own souls. The masterfully-arranged soundtrack, obviously influenced by the works of neo-classical composer John Cage, envelops the listener in a world filled with the purest digital silence.

Like so many of Noir's works, LensCap takes meaning beyond the realm of mere words, introducing the audience to a vision so deep and profound that it feels far longer than the film's actual running time of just over four-and-a-half hours.

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Feature Films

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Creditroll, the Motion Picture
running time: 2 hours, 51 minutes
produced by: Cutting and Pasting
directed by: Marisa "110 WPM" Underwood
Starring: Arial Black

Creditroll, the Motion Picture dares to take film financing to the next level, by selling space in their credits by the line. This first foray into pay-per-credit funding successfully generated enough to cover film stock, lab work, and--most expensively--titling.

Though neither the budget nor the constraints on running time left room for any actual shooting or even opening titles, this film singlehandedly creates a whole new genre of epic filmmaking, and ushers in a new era in which a "cast of thousands" is not merely attainable by any independent filmmaker, but an integral part of the financing.

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Flashing Midnight
running time: 1 hour, 56 minutes
produced by: Delta Kronecker
directed by: Delta Kronecker
screenplay by: Panasonic

Director Delta Kronecker rips through the pretentions and illusions of security that permeate modern culture, crafting a brutal expose' of bourgeois society's alienation from the very technology that it spawned. Kronecker puts us face-to-face with these creations of human thought and hand that record the TV shows we watch and hear while hiding their own secret thoughts and even their most basic operating instructions from the humans that purchased them.

In Flashing Midnight, we, the audience, become participants in this ceaseless struggle of man against machine, drawn in by the VCR's imperious blinking stare. We must decide ourselves whether to allow ourselves to be hypnotized into submission, or whether we dare to rebel and, just for once, try operating the VCR in the bathtub.

Winners of this year's Infinitely Reel Experimental Film Festival awards will be presented with the prestigious Un-Rotten Tomato Award for Excellence in Filmmaking.

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(This tomato was ripe and not at all rotten at the time this picture was taken. No warranties are expressed or implied for its continued long-term firmness and the staff and judges of the Infinitely Reel Experimental Film Festival specifically disclaim any liability for damage that may occur to your mantlepiece due to the long-term display of this prestigious trophy.)

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