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December 24th 1999

"the network before Christmas (1999)"

it's a network hardware Christmas!
all I want for Christmas is my two T1's

Hard to believe that it's almost Christmas again, that another year has nearly passed.

I was supposed to have the T1 lines put in before Christmas, but right now, the work crews that have been laying the fiber out to the treehouse have gone home for the weekend. As we last left off, US West had moved the date for activating the non-channelized T1 (which is the one I need first anyway) on December 31st. Last summer, I'd hoped to have Nyx moved before then, complete with the new software and hardware, but without the connectivity in place, that obviously wasn't going to happen.

I'm sure Santa tried his hardest, but US West isn't swayed even by jolly elves and flying reindeer if they don't have all the right paperwork and Santa was never very bureacratically-inclined.

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Now, I'm very much of the opinion that the whole Y2K crisis thing is overblown. I suppose that's actually a safer thing to state publically than I'd been thinking it was when I started writing this paragraph, because I just realized that if civilization does collapse (and we're plunged into a savage dark age with nothing remaining of our fragile technological featherbed but spam, twinkies, and other prefab food-like materials that would be unaffected by the march of generations), then the odds are that none of you will be able to send me nasty email saying, "Ha! I told you so!"

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And then I guess I'd have all the bandwidth of the T1 to myself. Hmmmm...nah, even I can't read that fast, so I'm happier to share with the rest of you.

Overblown or not, I had hoped to get the chance to babysit the new Nyx when it got through this potentially high-stress time. I think everything will be okay--and with luck, I'll be able to turn on the CSU/DSU over here and get the green light on January First.

Andrew Burt, founder of Nyx with Trygve

Speaking of things Y2K-related, Andrew Burt, the founder of Nyx, and I happened to both be guests at a recent science fiction convention. He's a bit more concerned than I about Y2K issues--enough to have written a novel about the subject, Noontide Night . Having left the University of Denver for the greener paychecks of the private sector, Andrew's quite active within the writing community, running Critters --a a writers' workshop on the net--and the Black Holes response time tracker for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, keeping tabs on how long editors hold stories before accepting or rejecting.

the network before christmas

But back here at the treehouse, there's still a few hours to go before Christmas; I've got a computer to throw together for one family today, some tweaks to do on two of the video-processing computers (got some more Megaraid controllers to play with), and some firewall/router configuration ideas I want to test. So, it's not like I'm likely to be just twiddling my thumbs until the megabytes come marching in....

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