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December 1999

"going undercover"

looking at the big pine in the courtyard
snow in the courtyard

Once again, a mild summer was filled with predictions of a savage and severe winter that, somehow, hasn't ventured much past "chilly." Seems like Colorado used to have much harsher winters when I was young, and every other long-time Colorado resident I've mentioned this to has thought and concurred. But much like stock market predictions, many people are quite convinced that the mildness of winters these days just proves that we're due for "the winter to end all winters" (if not life as we know it). I have the good luck to work out of my house, so when I'm faced with inclement weather, I can just stay home and not have to fear the possibility of taking a day off.

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It might have messed up the schedule for Nyx even worse than it is already if we'd been beset with something more harsh than a few snowfalls that never stuck to the roads. I'm waiting patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) on US West and ICG (two of the local telephone companies) to get the T1 lines installed over here at the treehouse.

Meanwhile, up in Boulder at Nyx's present digs, the building is being remodelled around Nyx. The window on the right was actually added (it was just a wall before) only a few weeks ago. We're actually using the stands, booms, and clamps that would normally be used on a movie set to support the tarps to protect the equipment from the dust and debris while still allowing it some ventilation.

Even with the tarps, all the dust from the drywall isn't great for the equipment; having the cables power cords unplugged on a frequent basis by workers tromping through hasn't helped our uptime either. Once again, Nyx and all its users is grateful to the volunteers who have gone in to move equipment safely out of the way of the construction crews, plug power cords back into equipment, re-attach phone cords and our T1 line, and restart equipment that was brought down by power outages and didn't come back up cleanly.

It's one of many things that has made me happier that I'd replaced all the hard drives (and a couple of entire computers) this summer. The dust and the power cycling are both hard the equipment, so that's another reason I'm setting up a duplicate version of Nyx out here once the T1 lines are in and only after it's stable with new hardware (and upgraded software), will we switch the services over. It's even possible that we might switch only some of the services over to the new equipment at a time, since the plan is to have an overlap of at least a couple of months between the time that the frame relay is activated here and the time it's turned off and the lease expires at the old location. That's going to be far more pleasant than the kinds of rushed moves that we've had in the past.

I guess you can probably tell that I'm really looking forward to getting everything moved over. I've been putting off so many things I've wanted to do to improve Nyx until the move, just because it'll be so much easier to have Nyx, all my tools and spares, and me all in one place. So, hold on tight and see if Saint Nyx leaves a T1 frame relay under the treehouse this Christmas!

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