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March 9th, 2000
"premiere night"

Trygve and Wendy at the premiere of Dragon and the Hawk
Wendy and Trygve Lode
Darlene in the balcony with film
Producer Darlene Cypser

One year after "Dragon and the Hawk" began production, we have a set of 35mm prints in hand--Darlene Cypser, the producer, is shown here sitting precariously on the edge of the balcony with two of the reels that she'd brought back from LA only the day before.

We hadn't planned to be this close to the wire, but details like FotoKem's equipment self-destructing in the middle of reel two slowed things down and we'd gotten this print in with hardly any time to spare before the gala premiere.

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The 2000-seat Historic Paramount Theater was packed that night; almost all the cast members were able to make it and everybody looked great. Jennifer Kahler, for example, seemed to have healed up really well after being murdered in scene #1.

Jennifer Kahler
Jennifer Kahler
Barbara Gehring arrives
Barbara Gehring and guests

Nothing like a movie premiere to boost the limosine-based sector of the economy; Barbara Gehring and friends are shown getting a look at the rest of us as they arrive.

And they said it couldn't be done...yes, we got Mark into a tux for the premiere; of course, odds are that he managed to sneak as many gadgets into his waistcoat as James West had in the "Wild, Wild West" series....

Mark and Darlene
Director Mark Steven Grove and Darlene Cypser
Julian and Natalie
Natalie Smith and Julian Jung Lee

Julian, of course, was dressed all in black for the event--once in a while during the movie, were were able to get him to put on something besides black, but it wasn't easy. The bad guys (myself included) were also clad in black, as is traditional for us evildoers and our minions, but fortunately it's still possible to tell us apart.

And so we kicked off our "sneak peek" theater run in Denver. It was quite the thrill to have the movie finally come together and see it on the big screen. Stay tuned for news about where and when "Dragon and the Hawk" will be showing next!

Barbara Gehring waves to her adoring fans
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