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January 24th, 2000
Strange Bedlamfellows

ready, set, go!

On your mouse, ready...set...go!

The Bedlam 2000 games was the sixth annual Bedlam Games event, held this year at the Denver Doubletree Hotel. The biggest and most ambitious event of its type so far, it attracted such sponsors as 3dfx , i2e2 , , Everglide , MadCatz , and (of course) me.

and they're off!

Organized by Charles 'Bedman' Bedford, aided and abetted by Brad 'kTuLu' Tucker, Todd 'Defiance' Ellison of PC Peripherals, and Aurora 'TankGrrl' Ellison, Bedlam 2000 packed the Doubletree Hotel with game fiends from across the country. The Hotel had no idea what was about to hit them....

I provided servers, monitors, fast ethernet switches, electrical and network cabling, portable radios and headsets, video and sound equipment. The gamers brought their own machines to the event and Doug Peterson of Crossroads Trading helped make sure all the hardware was assembled, configured, and operational for the event.

Weremouse collects his hoard

Prizes for those who survived the final tournament included eight state-of-the-art video cards from 3dfx, more t-shirts and caps than most people could wear in a week, the latest model RazorMice, a custom leather jacket, and a $500 prize check from i2e2 for the first place winner.

Weremouse collects his hoard

This year's grand prize winner was Weremouse (Boulder, CO), Clan Odesy, whose pile of prizes looked bigger than he was. You can never have too much firepower, too much memory, or too fast a CPU; chances are good that he'll invest in one of those with the winning check, since the prize pile already included the 3dfx 3500 card.

The runners-up were:

  • 2nd - Lantern from San Jose, Clan Abuse
  • 3rd - Swoop from Utah, Clan Fith
  • 4th - Arcane from Fort Collins, Clan Fith
  • 5th - Cheif from Utah, Clan Fith

After the awards ceremony, I hung around and did autographs for a bit.

It was that or clean up and I'm as lazy as anybody, donchaknow.

(Actually, I did end up helping with clean-up too; I'm not too bad at carrying things around.)

Doug and the Computers

Took the van and a couple of cars to haul everything back here after the event. Doug Peterson (still of Crossroads Trading) dropped by again after a few days to help me get stuff stashed away again. Yep; definitely time to get that new warehouse I'd been thinking about--this pic was taken after I'd gotten a lot of it put back into the garage and down to the main server room. (Couldn't let that last part wait too long--after all, there's only so long one can survive with one's home network running at 10mbps, donchaknow.)

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Rumor has it that the bedlam gaming people are planning another grand-sized event about six months from now. Details to come on the Bedlam Gaming website!

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