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October 23rd, 1999:

"Dark Domain Hosting"

A new look for the office
A feathered fan

Okay, I've been bad--especially when it's come to keeping my various webpages updated. Of coure, being bad's a little more excusable when you're a villain. Or at least people tend to be a little more hesitant to call you on it lest you stuff them into a Barbie[tm] lunchbox or something like that. (Not that I'd do any such thing, mind you--I don't even have a Barbie[tm] lunchbox. Not one. Honest.)

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Oh, yeah; it was pretty cool that one of the guests at a recent publicity shoot over at Colorado Studios happened to be a hawk--probably came out to see how we were doing, what with its species having a title role and all that. He (or she--hard to tell without the benefit of being a bird myself) made sure we took some good pictures and all--watched over us like, um, a hawk....

Another nostril shot
Trygve and Mark discuss some plot points

No matter how much fun it can be making a movie, it's still a relief to be done with the last of the pickup shots--all those little bits of film you realize you really should have shot when you see the rough cut. Mark and I tossed lots of ideas back and forth, settled on just what was going to be shot and what wasn't, and we blasted through the whole schedule in less than a week, usually finishing ahead of time and getting some extra shots that we'd put on the "optional/to get if we have time left over" list. It was great to get to that moment when it really felt like it was finally done.

It seems too early for it to be snowing, but, of course, it's October already. Here's what it looked like through the window of the music room on the morning of the first snowfall of the season, back when the flowers were still blooming and the leaves were still on the trees. Now the flowers have closed up for the year and the trees have dropped their leaves on my walkways, but still it seems like it was barely more than a moment ago when the ground was thawing with the beginning of spring.

morning of the first snow
a light in the library

I've got lots more to tell you about--everything from the adventures of taking Nyx home and rebuilding the ISP on my conference table to all the newspaper and magazine articles of the last couple of months, but I've got to head off now to show off the clip reel from "Dragon and the Hawk" at MileHiCon. The sound engineers have been working through the night to get it tweaked up and I'm particularly excited about getting to see it myself with all the soundtracks finished and mixed in. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get to see you there--and if I'm really, really lucky, all the t-shirts, buttons, and posters will be delivered in time....

but will he see the light?
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