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Trygve's digital diary / July 12th, 1999:

"A Time for Toads"

Hey, you could poke somebody's eye out with that!

Trygve's the one on the right

Maybe it's not quite as dramatic as the summer I was adopted by an owl and not quite as visually striking as the black fox, but toads certainly do have their charm and for whatever reason, the treehouse gardens do seem to be, um, hopping with these amphibious critters this summer.

Oh, yeah; that's me on the right.

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Stephanie found the first toad in the south gardens (or perhaps it was the other way around); she'd built the winding stone pathways you see here a few years back.

Stephanie tests one of the garden benches
Just checking for hidden princes

She's got a company called Remmington Designs and does custom landscaping and construction; she'll have a web page soon enough, I'm sure of it.

Naturally, she had to perform a quick test for any royal qualities, but I didn't see any sign that this toad at least was going to turn into a prince or king. If it had, I suppose would have meant that we'd have to deal with a reign of toads, so maybe it's just as well that it remained entirely unregal. They hit it off well enough anyway, so I'll let you know if I get any postcards from the two of them vacationing in Acapulco....

I'd gone to the screening of Ninja Cheerleaders the other day, which was an interesting experience, watching a film with the director and much of the cast in the room around me. Definitely gives one a different perspective on these things and even if Ninja Cheerleaders had a lower budget than the new Star Wars, I think you'll agree that the cast did include people who were much cuter than Jar-Jar.

It was sort of a costume party, so I'd slicked my hair back and gone dressed in something fairly close to the outfit I'd worn in Random Acts of Violence, though this picture was taken after I'd gotten rid of most of the weird parts.

at the Ninja Cheerleaders screening
Colors of summer

It's been a good couple of weeks for local news coverage: There was a nice full-page article in the Denver Post and then the Cybermountain conference was covered in an article in the Rocky Mountain News (which at least mentioned me). Then a week or two afterwards, I got listed in Westword's annual "Best of Denver" guide, which isn't too bad.

I dragged Mark up to Wideawake (I thought it was amusing that Wideawake even shows up on Mapquest) where he's going to be holding part of this year's martial arts summer seminar. I'll keep you posted on some of the other film projects that we'll be doing up in this neck of the woods as time goes on. We grabbed a couple of pictures while we were up there, though I wasn't able to persuade Mark to get in front of the camera this time. Next time, though....

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