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Trygve's digital diary / May 26th, 1999:

"Hey, are you somebody famous...?"

So, what do you do with a bunch of aquarium supplies, ten miles of film, and an exploding pinball machine?

Make a movie, of course--at least that's what we did, and now it's three in the morning and I've got nearly fifty members of the cast and crew working throughout the treehouse...maybe I should have gotten around to finishing that sixth bathroom before we started filming after all.

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Hey--these are showpeople; they could all act like there's really a sixth, wait...that would be bad. Okay, we'll stick with the "five bathrooms" motif for now....

But, in truth, that's certainly not what was foremost on our minds; with half the props coming from my house anyways and having all the design, editing, and printing equipment right here, it was much more convenient to be filming here too. One of the first things I realized was that the topological complexity of the floorplan here was actually a great advantage--with two or more paths to just about any of the rooms, we had a lot more flexibility in how we could set up the equipment, cameras, and lights and still be able to get in and out of an area (whether as part of the action or just to be able to do some more twiddling with the set).

Hey, you could hurt someone with that!
Just the parking in front

Having a whole film crew and a few semi trucks of equipment in one's house is still a bit of an intrusion (somewhat like having an herd of elephants in your clothes closet, only they use more electric power), but, still, everything worked out very well and as private residences go, the treehouse is one of the best filming locations around.

So here we are in the middle of the night in my kitchen, taking a break just after we'd finished our 100th reel of film. (If I look like I'm half asleep in this picture, that's not entirely accurate; actually I'm more like three-quarters asleep, thanks to the miracle of long, long shooting days.) (Yes, that's an actual picture of me in glasses; not something you see too often.)

our 100th reel
Here we are with the box of baking soda....

I still think it's funny how many times now I've given out autographs even at this stage of the game. Just from being on the news at this point, I've still gotten recognized several times when I've gone out shopping--or sometimes people have just added me to their "generic uncategorized celebrity person" mental drawer--"hey, aren't you a movie star or somebody famous?" Maybe I should try being a different "slightly famous" person every day just to weird people out: "why, yes, I'm Frank Lloyd Wright...." Okay, maybe not, but at least I'm getting better at coming up with something to write besides just that illegible scrawl I try to pass as my signature.

But the one thing I've learned is that everybody has a script...or at least an idea for one. One you admit to having been in a movie or anything even vaguely related thereto, you don't get asked, "What have you been in?"--instead you get to hear in great detail about the script they're going to write someday...or that you should write for them, because it's such a great idea. Of course, compared to an awful lot of what does get made into movies, most of them are pretty darned good ideas....

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