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Screen Actors Guild awards banquet
Can one look imperious in a tank top?

Trygve's digital diary / March 9th, 1999: "SAGs and wrinkles...."

Sunday evening kicked off with the annual Screen Actors Guild awards banquet. The suggested dress code was listed as "Colorado Formal"--and nobody I talked to had any idea just what "Colorado Formal" meant. Maybe that was the idea--a room full of actors doing wardrobe improv....

The end result was that Colorado Formal looked a lot like "put on clothes at random, but do include shoes, please." I went the easy route and just did the standard tuxedo look with fairly mainstream jewelry--though that last was mostly because my weird stuff is almost all silver whereas my formal accessories (cufflinks, studs, etc.) are in gold. Gotta fix that problem one of these days.

Since we're going for a strongly dark and gothic atmosphere in Dragon and the Hawk, Linda (the production manager) had suggested wandering off to The Church for their weekly Sunday "Goth Night" which was gearing up just as the SAG banquet was gearing down (or shifting into 'park,' as the case may be). First time I'd ever been to The Church while it was open: the analytical part of working out scenes and action sequences is just easier to do with the place empty and the lights all on--now, if this had been the kind of place where the dancers would have enjoyed trying to limbo under the measuring tapes, it might have been a different story, but it wasn't that kind of place, they weren't that kind of dancers, and so the story of the Limbo Goths may never be told.

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But I'll tell you one thing, though, which is that as cool as The Church is when it's empty, it's an amazing place to be when it's full and you've stepped into the middle of Goth Night. I gotta get a gothic cathedral for myself one of these days, but that'll have to wait at least until we get this film shot, edited, and ready for the distributor. Not like I don't have enough projects to do around the treehouse as it is even without buying a cathedral....

I had a lot of fun and even got a few compliments on my outfit as the festivities were breaking up after 1:30AM. Lucky for me that a black tux works for both "Colorado Formal" and "goth." A bunch of us wandered off to a nearby all-night-cheap-food-hole-in-the-wall-kind-of-place afterwards and it was almost 5:00AM before I made it back home.

Well, this was the sword that was closest at the time....

...of course, my 5:00AM bedtime only meant that the phone was going to start ringing at a little after 7:00. Sleep, who needs sleep? Well, losing a little sleep wasn't so bad, in between the SAG awards, the extended version of "Goth Night," and my wake-up call which happened to be from the concrete sawing company I'd been trying to mesh schedules with for a while so I could get a more convenient doorway cut into the catacombs under the treehouse (maybe I ought to have a root cellar instead, but I think they look more like they should be "the catacombs." They'd had a cancellation that morning and I could always sleep some other time, and so we kicked off Monday with an exciting morning of cutting away a door-sized slab of concrete (which I still need to break free and think of something to do with, but the cuts have been made and that's the part I'd have trouble doing myself).

Oh, yeah; I was just playing with some random wardrobe thoughts, so that's where these pics are from. I picked up a few new additions to my wardrobe, including these boots which combine buckles, laces, snaps, *and* a zipper, giving you more footwear removal options than you'd ever imagined you could get in just one pair of boots. Personally, I liked them because they were made from really soft leather, versus the other boots I'd looked at and the ones that the other cast members have gotten, which have been quite a bit stiffer--but I'm not going to be in any of the motorcycle scenes, so I think I can get away with relying on more soft and flexible footware.

Shirts and pants, of course, were a little tougher to manage--I think Goth-oriented stores must use a whole different sizing system, since most of what I tried on today might have fit me when I was about five (I'm older than that now and a bit taller); except for belts--I only found one belt that was small enough to be able to use at all and it was still a bit too big. I got two shirts on this trip, but there are a few more stores I haven't been to yet, so in between cool goth-style clothes and some more traditional formalwear, I think I'll be set.

tux top and those boots

After I printed up a couple of edited pics of how I'd look with different hair colors, it sounds like the art department is pretty sure that turning my hair almost white would work the best. Never had my hair colored (or de-colored) before, but, hey, if it makes me look more villainous, I think I can deal. Stay tuned for when I have some "after" pics and let's hope that everybody likes the effect when it's done....

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