MFW dossier -- Watson Davis
updated 2000.01.26

Watson Davis

What is your name? Watson Davis
height 5'7"
What is your quest? To be recognized as the greatest singer/songwriter/guitarist to ever live... ever. weight 172# (although this varies wildly from month to month)
What is your favorite color? Red. No, black. Aaaaaaaaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... age Wouldn't date of birth or year of birth be better (and that way it wouldn't get out of date)? Anyway, 38. DOB: 12/24/61

Personal webpage
lifting experience Seriously, for a year and a half. Previously for several years.
competitions and placement Not yet. I'm working on it.
OK, a few non-placing finishes in some Kata competitions but I don't think those count.
lifting/exercise goals To look good in a bikini.
real-life occupation Computer programmer.
hobbies and interests Music. History. Science Fiction/Fantasy. Computer games.
other athletic endeavors Not.
bio / comments Isn't this enough, already?


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