MFW dossier -- Vitore Selca
updated 2000.01.26

Vitore Selca
What is your name? Vitore Selca
height 5'6"
What is your quest? Pretty generic: love, joy, growth, adventure.
Except I know where to look.
weight 140#
What is your favorite color? Cobalt and crimson. Though, generally, if you can find it on the palate of a Colorist or Fauvist, I like it. age DOB: 2-mar-1974

Personal webpage
( day there will be a kick-ass web site there)
lifting experience Since Autumn, 1997
competitions and placement 1999 Viking Open (USAPL); I think there was a special Olympian who finished behind me. :-)
lifting/exercise goals Continued improvement. I wouldn't mind: 1xBW bench, 2xBW squat and deadlift.
real-life occupation Programmer/Slave
hobbies and interests Painting; drawing; flying; travel; cooking; entrepreneurship.
other athletic endeavors Martial arts (Muay Thai, grappling, Kali)
bio / comments (details omitted to protect the innocent)

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