MFW dossier -- Trygve Lode
updated 2000.01.28

Trygve Lode

What is your name? Trygve Lode
height 6'4"
What is your quest? world conquest, the secrets of the universe, getting my house tidied up again--but for the moment I'll settle for world conquest weight 192#
What is your favorite color? Black age 37 (Feb 3 1963)

Personal webpage
lifting experience since I was fifteen; my arm had been crushed in a bizarre trampoline accident (the trampoline had been dropped on me) as a child and had hurt ever since--until I started lifting weights, and within a few weeks, that pain stopped. Of course, I'd only begun to discover new kinds of pain....
competitions and placement Nothing athletic; a couple of boxes full of science, math, and chemistry awards from high school that have seen some use as movie props. (Yes, in Captain Moreland's office, those citations and medals were my science fair awards....)
lifting/exercise goals Triple-bodyweight deadlift would be cool, but I've never quite "pulled it off." (And I've gotten a bit heavier since I'd set that goal, so this may take a while.) Doing a 250-mile bike ride straight through would be good and that's a lot easier.
real-life occupation Lunatic, programmer, venture capitalist, performer, minister, and, well, whatever I decide to do tomorrow.
hobbies and interests Electronics, high-end stereo, digital video, internet stuff, physics, evolutionary biology and fossils (mostly paleozoic), antiques, stained glass, cooking, and armor.
other athletic endeavors Apart from stunt practice and stage combat, long-distance biking is the biggie; I'm not a speed demon or fond of climbing up mountain trails, I just go for long rides on the local trails.
bio / comments Think I'll get back to this part after I get some sleep. G'Night!


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