MFW dossier -- Stephen Mulholland
updated 2000.01.27

Stephen Mulholland and family

What is your name? Stephen Mulholland
height 70"
What is your quest? In weight training - to get stronger. weight 196 lb
What is your favorite color? It's a shade of Victorian dusky purple. Very nice. age 43 - DOB 06 December 1956

Personal webpage
(Nothing there but a picture, at the minute)
lifting experience Less than 2 years
competitions and placement HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
lifting/exercise goals 300 lb Squat, 200 lb BP, 300 lb SLDL, 100 lb dip, then I'll move the goalposts.
real-life occupation Technical Support Officer
hobbies and interests Playing drums, music.
other athletic endeavors None. World's worst sportsman.


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