MFW dossier -- Rick Shannon
updated 2000.03.16

Rick Shannon

What is your name? Rick Shannon
height 6'0"
What is your quest? To see that everyone gets their goals. weight 175 lbs
What is your favorite color? Blue age (dob) 34 (August 14th, 1965)

Personal webpage
lifting experience 2 years seriously
competitions and placement None yet
lifting/exercise goals To continue to be healthy and grow
real-life occupation Electrician and Personal Trainer (I know, yuck! but I can help people!)...LOL
hobbies and interests Weightlifting, bodybuilding, fishing, being a Dad, and enjoy life most wonderfully!
other athletic endeavors Is sex considered athletic?
bio / comments Self Confidence is the key to happiness, or at least one of them.

Rick Shannon

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