MFW dossier -- Paula Estey
updated 2000.08.16

What is your name? Paula Estey
height 5'6"
What is your quest? True meaning. weight 128-132#, depends on the time of the month.
What is your favorite color? green. no, wait, purple. age 43 - 7/24/56

Personal webpage
lifting experience 16 years. Initially intense, then off and on for a few years. MFW style for about a year.
competitions and placement I've been a spectator for a couple.
lifting/exercise goals Strength of body, mind and spirit.
real-life occupation Intensive Care Registered Nurse.
hobbies and interests Gourmet cooking, my children's sports (BB, softball, track), sewing (there is a traditional side in there too, I'm not ashamed), spending weekends in various small town coast motels with husband and red wine ;-) .
other athletic endeavors none
bio / comments My mottos: With humor all things are possible.
I'm rigidly flexible.


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