MFW dossier -- Patrick Holt
updated 2000.05.09

What is your name? Patrick Holt
height 5'9"
What is your quest? To finish college and to become a QUALITY trainer. Eventually, to get married and have some little brats running around the house. To be financially secure, live a happy, fulfilling life, and get my private pilots license. weight 185# @11%bf
What is your favorite color? Forest Green age dob 1979.05.19

Personal webpage One of the few that doesn't have one. I'm behind the times.
lifting experience On and off for past few years. I have learned a great deal over the past year and have been putting that to work on a consistent basis.
competitions and placement None, and no plans to compete.
lifting/exercise goals Ultimately, to get up to 210-220 at under 9%. By the end of this summer, I would like to hit 190-5 @ 8%.
real-life occupation Student
hobbies and interests Reading books about 20th C. military history, as well as many books on bodybuilding and nutrition. I have grown up always having planes available and I enjoy flying a great deal. My dad has two planes (the third is on its way from Romania) that I have access to.
other athletic endeavors Former goalie in ice hockey. Is golf considered a sport? I'm not sure if it is, but I average 84-85 for 18 holes.


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