MFW dossier -- Michael Kelly Larsen
updated 2000.03.20

Michael Kelly Larsen

What is your name? Michael Kelly Larsen
height 6'2"
What is your quest? Ultimate Snowboarding Domination
(or at least master a backside 540)
weight 220#
What is your favorite color? Nuclear Orange age 32

Personal webpage
lifting experience Off and on since age 12.
competitions and placement Masters Division Competitor, United States of America Snowboard Association
lifting/exercise goals 300/400/500 sometime while I'm still young
real-life occupation Development Test Engineer, Cisco Systems
hobbies and interests Rabid Snowboard Freak
other athletic endeavors Mountain Bikes, Skateboards, occasionally chasing after 3 year old son and 1 yr. old daughter
bio / comments As you may guess from above, I train primarily for snowboarding. My goal is to be able to loft a 720 by sheer willpower alone *B^). I used to be skinny and stringy, now I'm fairly beefy with a little too much pudge. the goal is to stay somewhat beefy while greatly losing the pudge.


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