MFW dossier -- Lisa
updated 2000.02.08


What is your name? Lisa
height 5'10"
What is your quest? Warm, clear, tropical waters weight 142 lbs
What is your favorite color? Deep cobalt blue age How does that go...somewhere between nymph and dowager? March 3rd

Personal webpage N/A
lifting experience Been lifting heavy things for about two and a half years, no foofoo for 4mo.
competitions and placement Well, I'm going to watch a competition in March -- does that count?
lifting/exercise goals To continue to explore how great it feels to be strong.
real-life occupation Non-profit Development Officer / Writer
hobbies and interests Sailing, travel, reading, fast cars, old houses
other athletic endeavors Body surfing, swimming, hiking (except during bug-season in Canada)
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