MFW dossier -- Keith Hobman
updated 2000.01.26

Keith Hobman

What is your name? Keith Hobman
height 5'10"
What is your quest? 2000 pound total. weight 220#
What is your favorite color? Silver and black. age 41

lifting experience 3 years
competitions and placement So far 4 powerlifting competitions. I've won my division in all - but its a small pond. Current PR's 550-365-582 in competition.
lifting/exercise goals one ton club via 750-500-750 or something like that.
real-life occupation Advertising Manager
hobbies and interests Sports - never met one I didn't like.
other athletic endeavors Well, I've done the marathon thing, the black belt thing, the rugby thing... hockey, baseball, curling... been successful at most things I've tried in this area.


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