MFW dossier -- Kevin R. Clements
updated 2000.01.26

What is your name? Kevin R. Clements
height 6'2"
What is your quest? To find the Holy Grail weight 204#
What is your favorite color? Forrest Green age 39

lifting experience 1 yr.
lifting/exercise goals to be the best I can be, naturally
real-life occupation Genealogist and family historian
hobbies and interests Royal genealogy, football, baseball and powerlifting/bodybuilding
other athletic endeavors Bowling, volleyball, swimming
bio / comments Proud to say that MFW has helped save my life. I wish to thank many members in this NG who have helped me change my whole life and lifestyle to a more healthy and wholesome life. My biggest kudos go out to George UK, Mistress Krista, Whitney, Stephen Mulholland and Eric Midkiff. These folks have especially been helpful and inspiring to me.


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