MFW dossier -- John Gemma
updated 2000.01.28

John Gemma

What is your name? John Gemma
height 5'10" (yes newsgroup height)
What is your quest? To live to 100 and feel as good as I do now weight 230
What is your favorite color? Red (yes blood red) age 52 (halfway home) 10/7/47

Personal webpage Soon
lifting experience 4 years
competitions and placement The game of life. I'm winning.
lifting/exercise goals 18" Arms. (Been on 17 1/2 forever
real-life occupation Manager of Discount Store
hobbies and interests Golf, Computing, Photography,Playing Saxaphone, Jazz
other athletic endeavors I don't count golf as "athletic"
bio / comments Two great kids, boy and girl, both graduating NC State in May. My daughter Jennifer the Doctor, DVM, and my son John the computer geek. There the reason I need to live to 100.


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