MFW dossier -- Jason Burnell
updated 2000.01.27

Jason Burnell

What is your name? Jason Burnell
height 66.5"
What is your quest? 804 501 804 weight 214 currently
What is your favorite color? Blue age 7/565 you do the math :)

Personal webpage
lifting experience mostly good with some stupid days thrown in for balance.
competitions and placement Big Dog at State Level.
Puppy at National Level.
Ticket Holder at World Level.
lifting/exercise goals 2000 at 220 2100 at 242
Win Nationals and Worlds
real-life occupation Old bald dad dude
hobbies and interests playing Barbies with the girls, Raiders, spending WAAAAY too much time on the net.
other athletic endeavors usedta play football pretty well, occasionally play basketball VERY poorly. As basketball players go, I'm a pretty good weight lifter.
bio / comments It's all on my site.


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