MFW dossier -- Eric Midkiff
updated 2000.01.26

What is your name? Eric Midkiff
height 5'10"
What is your quest? Right now, to total elite before 31DEC00.
Then I will have a whole new quest, with
numbers based around bodyweight multiples.
weight 225-230
What is your favorite color? Black age 35 (DOB - 08.AUG.64)

Personal webpage
lifting experience 24 years. Started with Olympic lifting at age 11 to assist with sport performance.
competitions and placement First meet, high school OL meet, 1978, 1st place, teen 148 pound class. Did various OL meets for the next 8-10 years, gradually switching to powerlifting. First meet was a deadlift meet in 1983. First full meet was a Military meet while stationed overseas in 1986. Most recent meets worth mentioning are the AAU Southeastern States PL Championship, 1st place, Raw 198's. MAR98. Inter-service OL meet, McDill AFB, DEC99, 1st place, 94 Kg. division. Many other meets where I did not do so well.
goals Hmm. Mentioned above. My long term life type quest is rather hard to describe without sounding arrogrant or sappy (yes, an odd combination).
real-life occupation US Navy.
hobbies and interests Reading, martial arts.
other athletic endeavors Coach other lifters. No other sports any more.
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