MFW dossier -- Dean C. Harris
updated 2000.09.26

What is your name? Dean C. Harris
height 5'11"
What is your quest? To get stronger in a mostly safe and efficient manner via free weights and convert anyone I meet (that I like) to free weights.
More specific- to lose that 10lbs of rubber tire that JUST WILL NOT LEAVE.
weight 186lbs. Ooo...just checked and I'm 183. Mid afternoon too.
What is your favorite color? For what?
In general- blue is always good. The darker blue....but not quite navy blue.
For a Farrari- Red
age 28 soon to be 29.

Personal webpage
lifting experience Hmm...7 chicken pox for 2 mos...then came back and started squats and deadlifts which is when I consider my starting point.
So, er...3-4mos. serious deliberate lifting.
competitions and placement Nada. Though, I like the idea in the future because I think with many people around being nit-picky on form it'll improve my lifting techniques. One can never have enough tips and opinions.
lifting/exercise goals 1) To help my shitty lower back- initial reason for joining a gym.
2) To get to a point where I know what goals I can make. Seriously.
3) Short term- To hit 1x+ my body weight on presses, squats, and deadlifts. Did two of those already.
Long Term- To be at 2x body weight, then 3x body weight in above exercises. Have VERY little body fat, feel good when I go to the beach, be in healthy shape inside and out via proper nutrition and exercise. You get the gist. Potentially- placing in some competitions.
real-life occupation Independent Technology Consultant. Computer networking stuff, etc...
Fake-life dream occupation: Travel Photographer and Erotic Photographer of women. Combine the two and I'm in heaven.
hobbies and interests Travel Photography, Strength Training, Martial Arts, Motorcycles, Cars, Computers.
other athletic endeavors Used to do Aikido...can't properly dedicate myself right now to do it again.
bio / comments Born- 1971. Got testicular cancer when I was 22...bummer..but I'm here and got over it several scars and one testicle less. Decided to uproot myself to see what was outside the US and lived in Tokyo for 2 years and traveled to a few places. Highlights- Vietnam and Komodo Island.
Initial Motivation for free weight training(think this should be standard in the BIOs):
Have a 'naturally' bad back where my muscle firing order is outta wack. My glutes don't help as they should, hence my lower back takes more punishment then it should. Had the left lower back joint blow out on me a couple times. Deadlifts are my best friend now.
Was doin' foo-foo machines thinking they 'pretty much accomplished the same thing as free weights'. Could even press 200lbs on the foo-foo press machine. I decided to see 'what the fuss was about' and when it wasn't crowded I went to the bench press.
Initially loaded it up with two 45lb set and felt it out. Shyeah...right. Took _all_ weight off. Just did the bar. That was even difficult.
It was at that point that I GOT A CLUE.
Then I got hooked. No turning back now and the damn weight just gets heavier.


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