MFW dossier -- Coy Butler
updated 2000.08.07

Coy Butler

What is your name? Coy Butler
height 6 ft
What is your quest? My two quests are to compete in a bodybuilding competition and to bench press 400 lbs. Currently i'm at 285lbs. weight 202
What is your favorite color? blue age 41

Personal webpage
lifting experience I used to lift a lot when i played football in h.s. and in college but that was about 20 years ago. I started again last September so it's been about 6 months.
competitions and placement none yet
lifting/exercise goals to place in a BB contest
real-life occupation photographer
real-life location Pennsylvania near Philadelphia
hobbies and interests weightlifting, computer graphics
other athletic endeavors none really, i'm sorta focused on bodybuilding right now : )
bio / comments Since i started lifting again, i have found that i had forgotten the joys of being physically fit. I love the sense of well-being and accomplishment i feel right after a workout and when i look in the mirror. I would reconmmend it for anyone!

Coy Butler

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