MFW dossier -- Bob Mann
updated 2000.01.28

Bob Mann andHarnek Rai, Sherbrooke, 99

What is your name? Bob Mann
height 5'7.5" (The official mfw height)
What is your quest? To be the guy others point to saying, "Wow, I hope I can do that at his age" weight Between 165 and 173 (right now 168)
What is your favorite color? Never had one. No colour is all that great by itself. age 46 (Dec 27, 1953)

Personal webpage
lifting experience With varying degrees of commitment and success - 30 years Powerlifting 3 years.
competitions and placement 1999 IPF Bench Worlds 11th (out of 12) 1999 Canadian Bench 2nd open, 1st masters 1999 Canadian Masters Powerlifting 2nd Manitoba masters champion 5 out 6 times.
lifting/exercise goals Squat 440, bench 360, Deadlift 500
real-life occupation Property Assessor, Programming student
hobbies and interests Guitar, Internet, sports.
other athletic endeavors Love sports but most of them don't love me. I play anyway. Volleyball, softball
bio / comments Nothing I can think of.


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