MFW dossier -- Bruce "afriKan" Klette
updated 2000.01.27

What is your name? Bruce
height 6ft 2 and a half
What is your quest? Just to have a bit of fun along the way. weight 220
What is your favorite color? aquamarine. I'm the sensitive type. age 32

Personal webpage later
lifting experience Just over 1 year
competitions and placement 1 Team Comp, placing - competed :)
lifting/exercise goals Raw Squat 500, DL 550 this year. Bench, take what I get.
real-life occupation Analyst programmer
hobbies and interests Fly fishing, Marine biology, anything outdoors.
other athletic endeavors Previously, Surfing, bodyboarding, Cricket, Kickboxing, Karate, Squash and anything else going just to give it a go. Currently, JKD, Brazilian JJ


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