MFW dossier -- Angela Pahlow
updated 2002.07.24

What is your name? Angela Pahlow
height 5'2.5"
What is your quest? A motorcycle in every port weight ~140
What is your favorite color? Black, silver, can't decide. age 32; DOB 3/12/70

Personal webpage
lifting experience 8 years
competitions and placement none
lifting/exercise goals To be strong enough to pick up man and machine when they can't get up. To look mahvelous nekkid. Not necessarily in that order.
real-life occupation I am but a wee cog in the colossal machine that is AOL Time Warner. (Programmer/Analyst)
hobbies and interests Motorcycles, long weekends, and good beer
other athletic endeavors Trying hard to catch me here, aren't you?
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